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The Best Chilblains Treatment Mission Statement

It’s simple – “To help people anywhere get rid of chilblains for good”

How The Best Chilblains Treatment Was Invented

Lear’s Best Chilblains Treatment is a unique treatment to a common problem which like many great products started as a natural homemade remedy. It was created due to the need for a herbal solution to a painful problem just like the stories of entrepreneurs Sue Ismiel of “Nads” original hair removal Gel, Lorraine’s original “Billie Goat Soap” and Lucas “Paw Paw Ointment”.

Nanna and Pepi

“Cecilia” The Inventor of The Best Chilblains Treatment. Cecilia passed away peacefully on the 3 August 2015. She was an amazing person that lived a hard life because of the war in Europe and when she came to Australia had to live in a tin shed for a very long time. Love You Nanna and thanks for everything you did for us. You taught me how to care, love and see the world in a different way. Good bye Angel and I know your up there keeping an eye on us all. I miss you. Love Nik

The creator, Cecilia, was a young woman when she migrated from Slovenia to Orange, N.S.W with her family in 1954. Her whole family experienced some of the coldest winters in Australia and in consequence some of the most painful chilblains. Living in only a shed and working long hours in a nearby factory, this nasty chilblains caused severe pain for Cecilia and her family.

Over the years many had sought Cecilia’s assistance with a range of health issues as she was known for her ancient herbal and home remedy knowledge, ability to solve problems and provide solutions to people and their ailments. She did not however know or have a chilblains treatment at the time. She then started to experiment with the limited minerals, oils, herbs, spices, alcohols and plants that she had access to, determined to find a solution.

For months on end, Cecilia’s family endured her different combinations and solutions to no avail until, like all great stories, the day she stumbled across a formula which worked. *The family, this time, waking up the next morning to absolutely no pain, no chilblains 3 days later and not to return all winter.

Now with the right formula, Cecilia started providing this solution to families of all walks and ages with her promise of a refund of whatever was paid or perhaps traded in the early days if the treatment didn’t work. To this day we have only refunded 2 units of this treatment to an individual who was wrongly diagnosed and whom had a different health issue, not Chilblains.

If you have made it this far through the narrative I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Nik and I am Cecilia’s grandson.

Cecilia has since been supplying her chilblains treatment among many other treatments in country N.S.W her whole life and has been a long time contributor to the local radio station 3AW on remedies for different ailments.

Lear’s Best Natural Treatments Was Born

Even though my nanna’s treatments have been around for a long while, is wasn’t until 2012 that the idea of running an online business, re-naming it “Lear’s Best Natural Treatments” (ABN 69929682873) and selling our products all over the world came about. Both my nan and I started talking about it and well the rest is history, the response to each new treatment that is released online has been incredible, with the Best Chilblains Treatment product even attracting an online resource business to recommend it on Chilblains.org. This organisation increases the awareness of effective chilblains treatments, provides free and accurate information regarding chilblains.


Lear’s Best Natural Treatments

My grandmother is responsible for passing to me her knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm. We both have an real interest in the best natural treatments and home remedies “that work” We are in the process of adding to the list of products we make and sell online to the world. Some invented by my grandmother, more recently by me, some handed down over the ages and some that we have learned about and think we can make better. If you are interested in what we might have to offer in the near future click on the following link enquiries@bestnaturaltreatments.com.au and paste the following into the subject line. PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED.