Best Chilblains Treatment F.A.Q.

What is Chilblains, Symptoms and Some Other Remedies

Chilblains are an  itchy, painful red swelling on the skin which can be very painful and commonly occurring, but not exclusive to damp and cold winters. Chilblains usually occur on the smaller body parts like toes, nose, fingers and ear lobes which are most at risk to exposure.

This condition is often confused with other conditions like frostbite,  Raynaud’s syndrome and also trench foot mainly because people in colder climates seem to be predisposed to Chilblains (also called Perniosis and Pernio). Chilblains can sometimes more commonly affect people with poorer circulation, and typically leads to a painful swelling. More extreme cases lead to scabbing of the blisters adding another dimension to the suffering.

Reducing the swelling can help with the pain in affected areas. Elevating the feet can provide comfort. Quitting smoking, exercising and proper nutrition can help to prevent the condition in some people. Massaging the affected areas will promote circulation and warm the feet, hands or face.

Applying an anti-itch or cortisone (steroidal) cream is sometimes prescribed and may help to relieve the pain, any inflammation, and the itching. It does not get rid of or prevent the chilblains returning, just helps sufferers deal with the unpleasant side effects.

A person should try to avoid scratching the swellings or blisters, so as to not create open sores. Sores and ulcers commonly appear as a result of chilblains, so a person should make sure to bandage and medicate the areas to prevent infections if they are not using our Best Chilblains Treatment.

Other homoeopathic treatments for the chilblains condition

Rubbing the cut edge of an onion or potato on the feet to reduce the itching and swelling is recommended by some. We experimented with this and there does seem to be a cooling effect initially but this was short lived. There are other recipes for soaking the feet or hands in mixtures of egg whites and honey (sounded like messy exercise and we were not keen to give it a try). Other suggestions like using fennel root and wine to soothe the chilblains was something I got from another read somewhere on the internet.

Once again these remedies appear only to deal with the symptoms of Chilblains, designed to help a person grin and bear the pain and itching a little better.

We aren’t specifically recommending these aforementioned remedies, and can’t be responsible for any reaction if you do try them, that will have to be at your own risk; These are just alternatives that you can research and try yourself if your not ready to try our tried and tested treatment.

Can chilblains can heal with proper care of the condition

Yes and keeping the feet, hands and face warm and maintaining good circulation for some will help prevent or heal the chilblains. Avoid wearing tight or restrictive shoes that prevent proper circulation and you will be far more comfortable. This will also keep the irritation lower.

Otherwise if your not prepared to just limit your treatment to making the symptoms bearable, or you a person that has reoccurring chilblains, we recommend our Best Chilblains Treatment; *It works fast.

Questions Asked by Customers of the Best Chilblains Treatment

Question: Previously a customer queried why the container he received was smaller than what the image he thought was represented on the site. This was prior to our NEW tin containers currently displayed on our site and was a black jar with a screw on lid, and during the changeover he had received the new silver tins we are using now. He also initially queries the amount of cream in the jars.

Answer: The answer comes in two parts and the following is a summary.

1. We have decided from the outset to give our customers the best value for money, whilst keeping postage costs low. One of our first decisions was not to follow the modern capitalistic method of thinning out a product and putting it in a larger container to make the customer think they are getting better value for money. We call that the chocolate effect. Here in Australia the price and size of the packaging of chocolate keeps getting bigger while all the while the amount of chocolate you actually get keeps getting smaller.

2. We have developed the cream so that it is a super concentrated silky consistency that has the ability to spread a long way. You only need the smallest amount to cover an area and it covers it thickly. This has the effect of staying on the skin longer, and continuing to absorb over a 24 hour period whilst creating the special barrier which accelerates the healing.

By doing this the customer also gets the product posted for much cheaper. By keeping the size of the Best Chilblains Treatment tins down we have been able to almost halve the postage costs and we have passed these onto the customers with the launch of the new website. We are now also able to offer a set price postage for as many tins as you want. $4.95 Australia wide and $4.95 World Wide.


Response from the customer to our answer: “It (the Best Chilblains Treatment) does go a very long way, Thank you.”

*Individual Results May Vary