Best Chilblains Treatment (Six)

$149.70 $134.95 inc Tax

Insurance and Tracking.



After a survey at the request of our many international and Australian rural customers we are now able to now offer a discounted option for this six treatment package of our chilblains cream. Our customers were looking for a more cost effective way of managing their chilblains, dealing with the problem of  postage delay and cost (especially if they had forgotten to order on time), and the problem of having to re-order each year.

After negotiating with Australia Post we now have a great deal for our customers on this sized parcel. It ensures our customers have our chilblains ointment on hand with them for at least three years, and with a discount plus no postage cost a great saving of just over 31%.

Remember your fully covered by our “no questions asked money back guarantee”  and Insured against loss or damage.

We have done everything possible to make sure this a risk free purchase for you.