Best Chilblains Treatment (Three)

$89.70 $69.95 inc Tax

When is it best to use the chilblains cream?

If you already have chilblains there is also  an easy to follow initial treatment plan. After that apply a little during the day and night on the normally affected areas as a preventative. 



One of the most popular packages with our first time overseas and Australian rural customers. There are enough treatments in this package to get you through your chilblains season and ensure you have enough left over in anticipation for the next winter. That way if you forget to re-order in time, or want to wait before re-ordering to see how you go the next winter, you have enough reserves to protect you for your day and night time applications should your chilblains reoccur. Postage delivery times can be much longer than anticipated internationally and in our rural areas, so if you find you do need to re-order you also have plenty in reserve whilst awaiting your next delivery.

Remember your fully covered by our “no questions asked money back guarantee”  and insured against loss or damage (for insurance just select the postage option with tracking).